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SMEs can benefit from accessing the skills and advice of their own finance director. We provide tailored part-time FD expertise and advice on an outsourced, temporary or project basis, to help control your budgets. So, improved financial management - with no extra payroll costs!

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To hear how a dedicated FD and Xero online accounting software can help you grow your business, talk to us soon. We want to help you work smarter and more profitably via the cloud.


About Us

With over 28-years experience of financial management, business planning and controlling risk at a senior level, Canmore can also enhance your skills to enable you to engage with Xero, energising you to regain control over your finances and decision-making.  

Canmore in Business helps SME owners to make financial information work more efficiently and effectively for them.

Real-time financial information is an asset that can be used as a productive tool. Historic reports might show the 'symptoms' - but too late! 

We advise management on how to improve their understanding of what the numbers in financial statements mean. 

We assist ambitious businesses by acting as an affordable, approachable and objective independent finance director. 

It's time to rethink the 'business-accountant' relationship! Cloud computing now enables SMEs to benefit from 24 / 7 /52 access to easy-to-use SaaS accounting packages. This streamlines the preparation of high-quality internal management reports, in real-time if required. With a broader understanding of their financial dynamics, business owners can put themselves in the strong position of being able to demand better value-added services from their professional advisers (including ourselves), rather than continuing to pay fees which are way over-the-odds for bog-standard compliance work.

We partner SMEs to accelerate this shift in the balance of power, helping them to keep more of their hard-earned cash in the business.

We recommend implementing Xero as your easy-to-use online accounting SaaS in the cloud.