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SME Financial Management Services - online, in real-time

Here, briefly, is how we help SME owners access their key financial information.

Data Capture

Bookkeeping and Accounting

It's easy to upload details of your income and expenditure, even on the move. If you have a smartphone, nowadays there is no excuse for not recording your business transactions and uploading them directly to your accounts via your phone. You can even send invoices to customers immediately after you've finished a job!

Once input to your books, you have easy access to your figures, in real-time via any web-enabled device.

Sharing your business information with your trusted advisor - face-to-face or on the Cloud - leads to more informed decision-making and competitive advantage.

Reporting and Interpretation

Performance Analysis

We don't believe that bookkeeping and accounting are ends in themselves. Your key business asset is your information, i.e. the outputs from your super-efficient data capture processes.

Our primary motivation is to enable SME owners to understand what their numbers and key performance indicators mean - and profit from this knowledge.

Being cloud-based, we can synch with you flexibly to offer analysis and insight into your business performance. We can tell you what's going well, and, just as importantly, where a quick change of tack might be needed.

Keeping Compliant

Preparing for Making Tax Digital for VAT

 There's always someone looking over your shoulder as a business owner - taxman, VAT inspector, bankers, partners, shareholders.

Making Tax Digital for VAT is just around the corner. Businesses with an annual turnover above the VAT threshold will have to keep digital records and file returns online from 1 April 2019.

However, with most online financial management software packages, the information to complete your statutory and legal returns can be easily extracted from your books and filed in line with HMRC deadlines

So, you'll always keep on top of the tax you're due, the loans you have to repay and payments to suppliers.

There's an app to meet your financial management requirements as an ambitious SME owner. Whether you want

  • someone else to do the bookkeeping​, accounting and reporting

  • minimum involvement in day to day financial management, or

  • to learn more about how keeping on top of your finances keeps you in control of your business

contact CinB for a discussion about how running your accounts in the Cloud will let you make more out of your business.

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